Please join the fun in preparing a "Sunshine Bag" for selected individuals each month.  An empty gift bag will be located in the church office with a card from the UMW group!  Please bring in small handmade or bought items to fill up the gift bag!  Let's follow some general rules for this first "Sunshine Bag" and make changes as we need!

Rule 1: Whether the gift is handmade or bought, please keep the cost under $10.
Rule 2: Please wrap the gift with wrapping paper, gift tissue, or keep in its original container to avoid scratched or broken items.
Rule 3: Please do not put your name on the gift or enclose a separate card with your name.  Remember that this is all about the individual receiving the gifts, not about who gave a particular gift or which gift is better!
Rule 4: Please bring in the gifts anytime the church is open and drop them off in the office in the gift bag.
Rule 5: Have fun with this project, don't feel that you have to contribute for every gift bag!

Items to consider as gifts for the "Sunshine Bag":  candy, candles, costume jewelry, body lotion, body spray, decorated notepads, figurines, decorated gift box, t-shirt, coin purse, hot chocolate mix, flavored tea, flavored coffee, prepared cookie/brownie mix in a jar, coffee mug, craft item, crazy socks, book, notebook, and many more!!!

Thanks everyone!